Do Samsky Travel costs include air?

The costs listed on our itineraries are included in the cost of international airfare, by a reputable airline. Occasionally, our itineraries do not include air travel within the country you may be traveling, but these are added in as "options" and will be clearly highlighted to you.

Can Samsky arrange air travel for my trip?

Yes. We send almost 20,000 passenger a year by air, and therefore would be able to recommend the most cost efficient , and time efficient air carrier for your trip.

Can Samsky book flights paid for with frequent flyer miles?

Unfortunately, we cannot help you book frequent flyer tickets. We would be happy to provide you with a suggestion of routing and flight numbers that will best fit your trip, but you must book frequent flyer tickets directly with the airline.

Do I have to have Samsky Travel take care of my airline tickets?

No. You are free to get your airline tickets directly from any means, but Samsky Travel has the best rates with over 40 of the world leading airlines, and we can do a price match on airline tickets, when buying airline tickets as part of the tour.

Is it cheaper to get my tickets through Samsky Travel or on my own?

Usually we have access to better fares than you can get on your own. We are consolidators and source at these fares at bulk rates. However it should be noted that consolidator tickets whilst saving you money often have conditions associated with them.

Why should I book air through Samsky?

One benefit of making your air reservations with us is that we are able to understand your needs whilst arranging your travel itinerary. Our travel consultants will be able to suggest the best airlines with the most flexible conditions for your travel. We also monitor the travel itinerary right up till the time that you have returned home , and are able to advise of any changes that the airline may make. Finally, we know which airlines are the most reliable, have good on-time records and are more passenger orientated.

What air reservation problems should I expect?

If you are planning on traveling during any holiday period, it is advisable to plan well in advance. Generally 3-6 months ahead is advisable when booking a tour, so that we would be able to source availability on the air, as well as the land itinerary. Also you would be able to get the best deals within this period. Closer to departure in holiday period, airlines often "close out" availability on cheaper fares, and you may also find the accommodation of your choice is full. However, if you are looking for a late getaway, we would still be delighted to assist in your travel plans.

How can I book my air most efficiently?

"You can book your tickets using a debit card , or credit card* through the bookable website, or contact us via the ONLINE CHAT ,email: sales@samskytravel.co.uk or give us a call on 02072498096.

Once I book, how soon must I pay for my air ticket?

This varies with the ticket and airline, and full terms and conditions can be found at the back of the itinerary you receive, when you book your trip.

Can Samsky provide discounts on Business and First Class Fares?

As we are appointed agents to over forty of the worlds leading carriers, we are able to offer the best discounts of economy, premium economy, business, & first class.

What insurance should I consider for my air ticket?

It is advisable to take out insurance, especially as it forms such as small part of the holiday expense. Insurance will cover you for land and air costs, in most circumstances. Our recommended trip insurance includes baggage insurance to include losses not covered by the airlines as well as trip interruption which may entail repurchasing tickets or obtaining reimbursement for overnight accommodation.

How do I get the latest Travel Advice?

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) issues travel advice on destinations, which includes information on passports, visas, health, safety and security and more. For more information refer to the link: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice